Jill Herlands, the self-taught jewelry artist behind the eponymous brand “JILL.HERLANDS,” possesses a unique creative spirit that knows no bounds. Unfettered by conventional rules and traditions, Jill’s approach to jewelry design is a remarkable journey where she skillfully employs hand fabrication to transform precious metals into abstract forms of wearable art.  Jill’s artistic journey is a testament to her willingness to venture into experimental techniques and her discerning eye for materials that offer intriguing contrasts.

Her creative process unfolds with an air of spontaneity, where each piece’s form and composition take shape organically, guided by the muse of the moment.  With an unwavering belief in the allure of imperfection over perfection, Jill places her trust in the realms of imagination, innovation, and fearless experimentation. Her artistic sanctuary thrives amidst controlled chaos, where materials themselves often dictate the outcome of her meticulously crafted pieces. To Jill, the absence of a predefined plan is not a risk but a source of inspiration. Her art mirrors her unbridled spirit, and, like her creations, she refuses to conform to convention. Jill Herlands is an artist who embraces the freedom of artistic expression and cherishes the unpredictable beauty that accompanies her creative journey. 

Herlands’award-winning work is featured in fashion magazines including recent editionsof Bazaar, Paper, and Nylon.

Her designs are carried in galleries and boutiques worldwide.  

Jill Herlands currently lives and works in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

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